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Hair COurture Luxuriant Hair Extensions

Serving the area for over 14 years.


Our extension specialists have over 17 years of experience in hair extension application. They have expertise in a variety of methods to accommodate their clients hair goals and specific needs. At Bellezza we use only top quality 100% Human Remy hair extensions. Rita and Lori have together mastered their own application method to ensure a seamless and undetectable finish and end result. Bellezza offers complimentary in person consultations to meet with you one on one so we can fully understand your hair care desire.  During your consult we will inform you on which method will be best suit your hair texture. We will explain proper care and maintenance of wearing extensions. Lastly, our specialists will color match your hair and give you a full detailed price list including maintenance costs as well. Whether you are looking for extra volume, added length or you want to add a pop of color without color processing your hair, we have a solution for you! 


A quick and easy application. Clean install and removal that leaves no residue. Tapes are a "sandwich" technique without using any heat, but by using medical grade adhesive tape. We recommend these for fine textured hair. Easy maintenance. One application lasts between 6-8 weeks depending on your hair growth. Tapes are 100 % Human Remy hair and can be reused 3-4 times. Our extension specialists apply TAPES to many of their bridal clients just before their special day! 


Individual strands of hair are bonded together to form a keratin infused, bounce back tip. The bounce back tip of the hair is soft for comfortable wear at your scalp. This application is considered cold-fusion. We do not use heat for this method. We use a micro link that is looped through your hair with the keratin infused extension, and secured at your root. One application lasts 7-8 weeks and the hair can be reused for a second application. This is our most popular extension method, and we recommend this for medium to thick hair. I-tips look beautiful and natural, especially if you want to add extra length to your locks. Rita and Lori have perfected an application method that is undetectable and seamless with a beautiful blended haircut to give you a natural end result. 


Keratin bonded, individual strands that are non-reusable. We use a fusion iron for this method that provides even heat distribution for a discreet installation. The keratin bond is melted, and then shaped around your natural hair to give you a long lasting bond that is virtually undetectable. These will last 3-5 months depending on proper care.  Removal of the extensions is clean and no residue is left behind. U-tips can be done on all hair types. The u-shape tip can also be cut in half for customization depending on the style you are wanting to achieve. 


This line of wigs and top pieces were inspired by women with partial hair loss, suffering from baldness, or women who just want to add a little extra volume. The wigs and top pieces are hand-tied on a transparent and breathable base like a second skin. Having a transparent base, shows your natural scalp and skin tone through the mesh base for an incredible natural look! Most top pieces and wigs have a polyester base that gives zero airflow, leading to oil and sweat build up in your follicle resulting in more hair loss. Ambience's breathable mesh base allows airflow circulation to your scalp and roots! Every wig and top piece is made with 100% HUMAN REMY hair and comes with a "natural fall". This means your piece has not been pre trimmed or cut, so your stylist can customize your piece to your natural hair cut. All of the wigs and top pieces can be shampooed, conditioned, blow dried, curled, and flat ironed. Our stylists can even color custom for you! Set up your one on one consult with your stylist see all of our wig and top piece options for you!